"Going the Extra Mile Award"

The Congaree River has been really low the past few days.  How low was it?  Well, 1,000 cfs and 2 feet at the gauge in Columbia.  But that situation offers unique opportunities.  The water is clear and it’s a great time to see what’s on the river bottom.

The Congaree Riverkeeper spent an enjoyable afternoon  on the river Saturday.  And believe it or not, the low water levels entice some river users to clean up.   So we are awarding two “Going the Extra Mile Awards” to two river heroes spotted on Saturday.  Our first “river hero” fished out a light pole from below Blossom Street Bridge.  The fact that the light pole was longer than the boat, was a minor inconvenience.  Our heroes prevailed. (see picture)

Our second “river hero” could have sat back and just enjoyed the river ambiance all afternoon.  But no, she couldn’t resist picking up.  She cleaned up after those people who are not thoughtful enough to care about our natural resources.  Think what this trash does to critters in the river people!

The light pole and a good deal of other trash is now out of the river, and the river is a better place.  Two big THANK YOU’s!  go out from the Congaree Riverkeeper to two folks who care enough to make a difference.  If you see either of these folks on the river, be sure to thank them!  They are Congaree Riverkeeper  “River Heroes”!