Camp Cooking Workshop and Hike at Congaree

This weekend I attended a camp cooking workshop hosted by local outfitter Get Your Gear On.  We met at the picnic shelter at Congaree National Park and discussed some of the basics of cooking in the backcountry.  Tim from GYGO showed us how to make pork stir fry and vegetarian chili on a camp stove and we enjoyed a delicious lunch.  Afterwards I got to lead the group on a hike through the park.  We explored a portion of the Kingsnake Trail, one of the more remote trails in the park.  Because of the recent rains the trail was a bit muddy and the guts and sloughs it crossed were full of water.  Overall this was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Below are some pictures from the workshop and the hike.


        Cooking up the pork on a camp stove.                                                 Mmmmm, Stir fry.               

Looking at the trail map while enjoying some chili.


On the Kingsnake Trail.

In the floodplain


Do you see the face?

Cypress Trees