Canoeing on Congaree Creek

Over Labor Day weekend my girlfriend Sara and I decided to take a short canoe trip on Congaree Creek in Cayce.  We decided to try something different for this trip; rather than shuttle multiple vehicles we took one car and I walked from the take-out back to the put-in.  So we loaded up our gear and I dropped Sara and the canoe off at the put-in at the SCANA headquarters off of the 12th Street extension.  I then drove back and parked off Old State Road (if you decide to do this be sure to park at the Congaree Creek Heritage Preserve parking area).  The walk back took me down a dirt road until it merged with the paved trail that opened earlier this year.  The 1.5 mile hike took me about 20 minutes and had some great views of the creek we would be paddling down just minutes later. 

The water was moving pretty fast so we put the canoe in and we were off! This section of the creek has lots of twists and turns so maneuvering can be a little tricky at times.  We made our way downstream winding around the bends and ducking under branches (we didn’t have to portage at all though; a big thanks to Mike Mayo from Palmetto Outdoor Center and Tim Ray from Get Your Gear On for keeping the creek clear of debris for boaters).  I was lucky enough to spot a deer on the bank and Sara saw a big ‘ole Gar swimming next to our boat.  After about an hour and a half we were back at the take-out. Our journey wasn’t quite over yet, on our way back home we stopped off at Cayce’s newest restaurant, 2108 State Street. There we enjoyed a cold beverage and a snack (the Doritos encrusted cheese sticks were quite tasty).  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon if you ask me!



Views from the put-in



   Didn't see any of these guys on our trip.                                                   Just hangin' out!