World Fish Migration Day

Today is World Fish Migration Day, a one day global initiative to create awareness on the importance of open rivers and migratory fish.  Many fish must travel up and down rivers to complete their lifecycles, unfortunately a number of issues, including dam construction, poor flow conditions and poor water quality, have made those migrations difficult and caused declines in migratory fish species.  Restoring these species and their habitat is an important step to improving the health and productivity of many rivers.

Some Popular South Carolina Migratory Fish



American Shad

Stripped Bass

American Eel

Shortnose Sturgeon

(Images from SCDNR, click on fish for more information)

Broad River Fish Passage

The Broad River Fish Ladder, completed in 2006, is one of two fish passage facilities in South Carolina.  It was implemented as part of the 2002 FERC relicensing of the Columbia Canal Hydroelectric Project.  The vertical slot fish ladder was designed for American shad and blueback herring but also benefits many other species including robust redhorse, shortnose sturgeon and American eel.  The fish passage opened up approximately 24 miles of habitat on the Broad River and its tributaries which had been blocked for over 180 years.  Visitors to Columbia's Riverfront Park can view the facility and read more about it from the interpretive signage.  Park rangers also offer tours of the fish ladder throughout the year.


What is Congaree Riverkeeper doing to improve fish migration?

  • Monitoring hydropower facilities for compliance with license articles, including minimum flows
  • Reviewing and commenting on permits that may impact fish migration
  • Participating in the Parr/Fairfield hydro relicensing process advocating for better minimum flows and a future fish passage facility

So enjoy World Fish Migration Day: go fishing, visit the Broad River fish ladder at Riverfront Park, or try these fun fish migration activities from SCDNR.

Of course, no discussion of fish migration would be complete without this:

What did the fish say when it ran into a wall?...