August Water Quality Results

On August 4th and 5th we conducted another round of water quality sampling.  Nine sites on our rivers and urban streams were sampled for E. coli bacteria.  Only one sample site came back with result above the state standard; Stoops Creek, a tributary to the Lower Saluda River.  Stoops Creek is the site of the Alpine Utilities Wastewater Plant discharge, and also has a history of sewer spills and urban runoff issues.

August Water Quality Results 

Sample Site
E. coli Result
Congaree River below I-77
Saluda River at I-20
Saluda River at Saluda Shoals
Broad River
Gills Creek
Rocky Branch
Smith Branch
Stoops Creek
12 Mile Creek

The State Standard for E. coli is 349/100ml

It is important to note that these samples were collected during an extended dry period before the large rain events that week (it started pouring rain right after we dropped the last samples off at the lab on Wednesday).  Bacteria numbers in our streams and rivers likely spiked significantly after the several inches of rain we received over two days washed pollutants into waterways and caused several sewer spills

Mouth of Stoops Creek on the Lower Saluda River

You can view a map of all the sample sites here and the results from May's sampling here.