Congaree Riverkeeper Supports Lexington Penny for Progress

Earlier this year the Board of Directors of Congaree Riverkeeper voted to endorse the Lexington County Penny for Progress Program, a proposed 1% sales tax increase to fund numerous infrastructure projects across the county. The Penny will provide millions of dollars in funding for projects that will improve river access and recreation, improve water quality, and address stormwater issues.  Below are some of the key Penny projects that will affect our rivers.

Greenway Projects - The Penny will fund approximately $10 million in greenway projects, including the Lexington County portion of the long anticipated Lower Saluda Greenway.

Wastewater Projects - The Penny includes approximately $14 million in wastewater projects that should help improve water quality by replacing aging infrastructure and eliminating leaking septic systems.

Stormwater Projects - It will also provide $6 million to address stormwater and urban flooding issues in Cayce.

Lexington County residents will have the opportunity to vote on this proposal on November 4th.

You can learn more about the Penny and all of the projects it will fund here: