Higher Flows on Lower Saluda to Resume

Over the past few weeks, the Lower Saluda has experienced very low flows released from Lake Murray Dam operated by SCE&G.  Congaree Riverkeeper expressed concern to SCE&G that such low flows would likely have a negative impact on the fish population in the Lower Saluda River, especially trout and striped bass.  We were also concerned that these low flows may lead to a public health concern due to the wastewater discharges into the River making up a higher concentration in the water downstream where there is significant contact recreation.  So, while realizing that drought conditions play a role in reduced flow, we sought information from SCE&G as to why it was releasing less than 300 cubic feet per second from Lake Murray dam and what we could expect as we move towards summer.  SCE&G reported that it had reduced flow from the Lake in an effort to store more water in the reservoir; however, this reduced discharge of water from the dam didn't create the desired result.  So, we are happy to report that as of this afternoon, SCE&G is resuming it's normal mode of releasing 500-600 cubic feet per second, and will likely continue this release through the summer.  Thanks SCE&G for being so responsive.  Congaree Riverkeeper will continue to monitor the situation, with the goal of assuring enough water flows down the Lower Saluda to keep it clean and supportive of fish populations.