July Water Quality Results

On July 26th and 28th we collected water quality samples at our 10 river and stream sites. The results for two of those samples, Rocky Branch and Gills Creek, were above the state standard for E.coli of 349/100mL, meaning the water may not be safe for contact recreation.

Sample Site E.coli Result Date Sampled
Congaree River 17.9 7/28/17
Saluda at I-20 40.4 7/26/17
Saluda at Saluda Shoals 18.7 7/26/17
Broad River 151.5 7/28/17
Gills Creek 353.8 7/28/17
Rocky Branch 1299.7 7/28/17
Smith Branch 62.4 7/28/17
Stoops Creek 83.6 7/26/17
12 Mile Creek 178.5 7/26/17
Crane Creek 325.5 7/26/17


Click the map above to view the sample locations and results.

On July 23rd and 24th areas of the Midlands recieved between one and three inches of rain. The City of Columbia also reported multiple significant sewer spills on those days impacting Lake Katherine/Gills Creek and Rocky Branch. You can see reported sewer spill information on DHEC's website here.

You can also find weekly water quality results for sites on the Saluda and Congaree Rivers at howsmyscriver.org.