November Water Quality Results

On November 28th and 29th we collected water quality samples at our 10 river and stream sites across the Midlands. Two sample results, Rocky Branch and Twelvemile Creek, came back above the state standard for E. coli of 349/100mL. All the other sample results were below the standard. The elevated bacteria levels in Rocky Branch and Twelvemile Creek are particularly concerning because we had only received a trace amount of rain in the week leading up to the sampling. This means stormwater runoff was not the likely source and suggests there may be illicit discharges or sewer leaks going into the creeks.

Sample Site E. coli Result Date Sampled
Congaree River 19.7 11/28/17
Saluda at I-20 63.8 11/29/17
Saluda at Saluda Shoals 35.3 11/29/17
Broad River 48.7 11/28/17
Gills Creek 113.4 11/28/17
Rocky Branch 1203.3 11/28/17
Smith Branch 161.6 11/28/17
Stoops Creek 49.6 11/29/17
12 Mile Creek 1119.9 11/29/17
Crane Creek 137.6 11/29/17


Click the map above to view the sample locations and results.