Three Things You Can Do Today To Help Our Rivers

The Broad, Saluda and Congaree Rivers are a vibrant and important part of the Midlands.  Below are three easy things you can do today to help protect our rivers... they will only take a few minutes, but can make a big difference.

1. Contact Legislators And Help Fix South Carolina's Broken Water Withdrawal Law  

On Wednesday there will be a subcommittee hearing on H.3564, a bipartisan bill to end the permitting exemption for large agricultural water withdrawals.  This bill not only protects our rivers from large unpermitted water withdrawals, but it also protects existing water users, especially farmers, from the threat of a new large withdrawal siting upstream of them and taking the water they depend on.  Please contact members of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and tell them it’s time to fix the surface water withdrawal law and end the permitting exemption for big agriculture.

2.  Tell Richland County Council To Improve Water Quality In Cedar Creek And Move Forward With The Lower Richland Sewer Project

The Lower Richland Sewer Project is an important project has been planned for several years, but has recently run into some opposition.  Constructing the proposed regional sewer system in Lower Richland County would address several water quality issues in the Cedar Creek watershed by eliminating failing septic systems and consolidating multiple aging wastewater treatment plants that have a history of significant permit violations (including two public schools).  Cedar Creek, which runs through the heart of Congaree National park, is South Carolina's only designated Outstanding National Resource Water and County Council needs to move forward with this project to protect the health of the creek and the communities that surround it.

Here is the contact information for Richland County Council.

3.  Donate To Congaree Riverkeeper Through Midlands Gives

Today is Midlands Gives, a local 24-hour online giving challenge sponsored by the Central Carolina Community Foundation.  When you give to Congaree Riverkeeeper through Midlands Gives today your donations will be matched up to $1,000.  Help us keep fighting for clean water and healthy rivers... donate here.