Congaree National Park

Lower Richland Sewer Project

Over the last month Richland County has held several public meetings to discuss their plans to expand sewer service to the lower portion of the county.  This plan, which will be funded primarily through a grant and loan from the USDA’s Rural Development Program, is an important step in addressing failing wastewater infrastructure and improving water quality in Lower Richland.

Kayaking on Bates Old River

On Sunday, with the weather finally warming up a bit, Sara and I decided to take her new kayak out.  We chose Bates Old River in Congaree National Park for the maiden voyage. 

Camp Cooking Workshop and Hike at Congaree

Rivers and Dark Skies

Take a look at the image below showing our state at night.  It is part of the "Black Marble" set of images captured by a NASA-NOAA satellite and released earlier this month.  You can view a zoomable version of the entire planet by following the link.