January Water Quality Results

From January 22nd through the 25th we collected water quality samples at our 10 river and stream sites across the Midlands. Two sample results, Stoops Creek and Smith Branch, came back above the state standard for E. coli of 349/100mL. All the other sample results were below the standard. The Stoops Creek sample site is downstream of the outfall for the Alpine wastewater treatment plant, but it is unknown if that discharge contributed to the exceedence in any way. There was some minor rainfall (0.02 inches recorded at CAE) early in the morning of the 23rd that may have contributed to the higher bacteria level for the Smith Branch sample. 

The State Newspaper tagged along for part of our sampling run. Click here to see a short video of some of our Saluda sampling.

Sample Site E. coli Result Date Sampled
Congaree River 14.6 1/23/18
Saluda at I-20 35.5 1/22/18
Saluda at Saluda Shoals 93.3 1/22/18
Broad River 17.3 1/25/18
Gills Creek 307.6 1/23/18
Rocky Branch 98.7 1/23/18
Smith Branch 365.4 1/23/18
Stoops Creek 488.4 1/22/18
12 Mile Creek 155.3 1/22/18
Crane Creek 129.6 1/22/18

Click the map above to view the sample locations and results.